Family Game Night

Commons - sIGN uP hERE 

TV's, tablets, video games and cell phones oh my! Let's unplug and hang out together as a family. Sign up for Family Game Night and let's look one another right in the eye and play real-life interactive games together.


Room 347 & 348 - sIGN uP hERE

Can your family take the heat?! Sign up for some quality time with your family to have fun and create something delicious to eat. Totally new cooking recipes than we offered in the Fall. 

Weird Science

Room 202 - Class Full

Is your family interested in exploring the weird and unexpected world of science, the this Weird Science class is for you! You and your family will have tons of fun with hands on experiments and just maybe you won't blow something up or set something on fire!!

Painting with Nature

Room 210 - sIGN uP hERE

Love nature? Sign up & let Krystal and Haley help you discover the incredible world right in your backyard! From rock art to painted leaf mobiles, this class will definitely keep you on your toes!

Wiggle & worship

Room 326 - sIGN uP hERE

Hey parents of preschoolers, bring your kiddos and get some great hands on incite on how to make the most of the crazy rhythm of your days. Let’s shake our sillies out!

Martial Arts with the Hoffmans

Commons - sIGN uP hERE

Come have some fun and learn some basic kicks, punches and self defense in this introductory martial arts class taught by real black belts! Don't be afraid!