Sunday Morning Life Change Groups

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8:30 AM

  • Ephesian Women 1        Room 202

Women, Ages: All
Women of all ages, in all stages of life!  Huge prayer  warriors that study the bible in different formats (video, book, etc.)  A lot of fellowship and support.  Dana Green, Coordinator/Teacher.

  • Dalager Group             Suite 9

Couples/Singles, Ages: 20+
Video series based lesson following group discussion in a casual environment.  Jonie Dalager, Coordinator; Damon Dalager, Teacher.  Start 9AM

  • Baxter Group                           Suite 2

Couples/Singles, Ages: 50+
All ages welcome.  Debbie Baxter, Coordinator; Gary Baxter, Teacher.

10:00 AM

  • Living Stone Senior Adults           Suite 1 (Adult Wing)

Singles/Couples, Ages 60+

Lifeway: Explore the Bible Russell Livingston & Joleen Geleynse, Coordinators; Bettie Schuler, Julia Welker, Barbara Davis & Russell Livingston, Teachers

  • Jones Group                                 Suite 2 (Adult Wing)      

Couples & Singles, Age: 50+

Empty Nesters Teacher-led Biblical Discussion Robert & Joyce Jones, Coordinators; Jimmy Friedrichs and Jim Cearley, Teachers

  • Barnes Group Senior Adults              Suite 3 (Adult Wing)

Singles/Couples, Ages: 50+

Lifeway: Bible Studies for Life Mike Barnes, Coordinator; Ken Marks, Teacher

  •  Mitchell Senior Adults             Suite 4 (Adult Wing)

Lifeway: Explore the Bible Gloria Robertson, Coordinator; Jerry Mitchell, Teacher

  • James Group Senior Adults               Suite 5 (Adult Wing)

Singles/Couples, Ages 60+

Lifeway: Explore the Bible Lacy James, Coordinator; Barbara Nichols, Teacher

  • Holmes Group Senior Adults                         Suite 8 (Adult Wing)

Couples/Singles, Ages 60+

Lifeway: Explore the Bible David Holmes, Coordinator/Teacher

  • Fourquean Group Missions Building                                     (Across Alley)

Couples, Ages 30+

Sermon based discussion Steve and Tami Fourqurean, Coordinators, Chris McKinney, Teacher

  • Robbins Group                           Suite 6 (Adult Wing)

Couples & Singles, All Ages

Teacher led Biblical discussion Dennis Robbins, Coordinator/Teacher

  • Singles Group             Room 200 (Children's Area)

Single, Ages: 30+

Media based using video with group discussion Alta Lynn Gerlach, Coordinator/Teacher

  •  Ephesian Women II              Room 202 (Children's Area)

Women, All Ages

Multiple teaching methods Teresa Almand, Coordinator/Teacher

  • Moore Group               Room 208 (Children's Area)

Couples, Ages: 40+

Teacher led Biblical discussion Gary & Lisa Moore, Coordinators James Dumas & Rick Bender, Teachers

  • Baker Group             Room 210 (Children's Area)

Couples, All Ages from 20’s-60+.

Video driven studies and discussion David & Misty Baker, Coordinators; Mark McCraney & Erik VanCuren, Teachers.

  • Daniel Group             Suite 7 (Adult Wing)

Couples & Singles  All Ages from 20’s-60+.

Sermon Based Discussion led by Sue Daniel

11:30 am

  •  Hoelscher Group       Suite 3 (Adult Wing)

Couples/Singles, Ages:

All Sermon-based discussion Jamie Hoelscher, Coordinator Lindy Tefteller & Randy Turner, Teachers

  • Holley / Casto Group      Commons between Baptism Fountain and Office

Young Adult Singles and Married  College - 20's

Sermon Based Discussion led by Keith Holley and Amanda Casto