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As a parent it can be very difficult to figure out everything that your junior high or high school student is going through. An even bigger challenge is helping them to build their faith during these years.

While these are not totally comprehensive, here are a few tools, ideas, conversation starters and tips to help you “WIN” as a parent.


Check back often, as this resource list will grow and change. Connect with us on social media to see and hear what’s new and happening in student ministry at Crestview.



DATING CONVERSATION GUIDE | Dating – ugh. Can’t we just go back to arranged marriages? No, parents need to be having this conversation and the sooner the better! This helpful Conversation Guide (and the BONUS Dating Resources) will help you LEARN what to say (and what not to say) to your kid when you hear the words “so, I have a crush…” (or you see it on their face).



BULLYING CONVERSATION GUIDE |BULLYING IS REPETITIVE, AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR, and it’s possible that your kid may one day be subject to this kind of behavior. When they open up about bullying, it’s because they know you’re a safe place. They could be scared, ashamed or defensive, and remember that they could be playing multiple roles—being bullied, being a bully, reinforcing a bully or a bystander of bullying. Keep this in mind when you start a conversation with your kid. We want to help you get the dialogue started by giving you some words to say and not to say.



Technology Through Phases In this VIDEO PODCAST,  Jon Acuff gives helpful info about technology through the Phases.



HANG TIME CONVERSATION | Sometimes it helps to hang out with your teenager as if you were imagining the end. Here are five ideas you can do this week to hang out imagining the end.



3 HURTS| Difficult conversations are a part of parenting. Talking to your kid about what we call the 3 Hurts – Hurting Themselves, Hurting Others and Being Hurt – are some of those conversations.



Serving Through the Phases | Short e-book on how to help connect your son or daughter to the bigger picture of God’s story throughs serving others. SERVICE IDEAS



Serving through life stages | VIDEO on what serving can look like through the stages of a kid’s life and how parents can help make it happen.



Appropriate Tech Boundaries for Kids | If your son or daughter is constantly in front of a screen during work and down times, you way want to check this video out.

Jr. High Conversation Guide        High School Conversation Guide



Cell Phone Contract | We didn’t grow up with parents who could or needed to teach us how to use cell phones responsibly. But that doesn’t mean it’s not part of good parenting. Want to teach you kids responsibility with cell phones? This may be useful.



Divorce Conversation Guide | Finding the right words can be difficult when talking to a child about divorce—especially when you’re the parent and you’re processing your own hurt. We hope you never need this conversation guide, but in the event you or someone you know finds yourself going through the pain of divorce, we want to help by giving you some words to say and not to say to your child.



Salvation Guide for Students | What to say and what not to say when discussing salvation with your kid.



Camp Conversation Guide | Tips on how to debrief with your kid who just got back from a camp experience.