Outside Experience

The Outside Experience team is the first impression of Crestview.   We want our guests to have a comfortable experience as they enter the campus and navigate their way to the front doors.  

Security Team

Members of the security team serve to assist in any emergency situation that arises and are able to asses if the situation needs further assistance.  The security team ensures that the campus is safe for our guests.  Volunteers are needed for all three services.

Parking Team

Volunteers help to provide a welcoming and safe experience for each guest the moment they pull into our lot.  Volunteers are needed for the 10a and 11:30a services.  

Welcome Team

Welcome to Crestview! Rain, wind or sunny, this is where first time guests can receive information about Crestview and receive a gift.  During various series at Crestview, the welcome team hands out free promotional items and assist in answering questions from guests.