Finding Your ministry


It all starts with relationships…

At Crestview, we believe that life change happens through relationships. That is why we encourage everyone to join a Life Group. In these relationships you will have others to challenge and encourage you. Those that you begin to share and live life with will help you identify your ministry and the gifts and talents you possess to help that ministry reflect Jesus Christ as you serve beside each other.

While there is no substitute for the knowledge and growth you will receive through relationships. There are other tools that can be used to help you and others identify your ministry and the gifts you’ve been blessed with to succeed in those ministries.

One tool that can be helpful is going through a S.H.A.P. E. assessment. S.H.A.P.E. is:

Spiritual Gifts: A special capacity for service given by God to every believer for the benefit of His Church, the Body of Christ

Heart - A God-given desire that invigorates and motivates you to meaningful ministry involvement for God’s kingdom.

Abilities - Talents and skills given by God to every human being for His glory (whether people love Him or not) that demonstrate His common grace to everyone.

Personal Style - Your natural and energized approach to life and relationships.

Experiences - Events and situations in your life that God has used to mold you into who you are.

You can take a shape assessment at the link below. We encourage you to add in the optional Church Leader email box so we can assist you when needed.

Another tool that you should check out is this article by Rick Warren that discusses “What’s the Big Deal About Your Shape”

Let us know how we can help! Contact us by calling the church office or clicking on the email ling below.