Frequently Asked LIFE Group Questions

To find out more about our groups, take a look at the info below. if you have further questions or need additional assistance please email us at or call the office at 432.681.8200.

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a smaller group, usually made up of 10-16 people, who meet weekly to focus on building relationships, applying biblical principles to their lives, and serving each other and the community.

Why Life Groups?

As Hebrews 10:24-25 says, we should encourage and care for each other. We believe this type of community is crucial to spiritual growth.

How long do they last?

Each Life Group session lasts 9-10 weeks. We have Fall, Winter & Spring sessions. At the end of each session, you will have the choice of staying in the same group, trying a new group or even taking a break. Most groups stay together throughout the entire year. Life Groups do not formally meet during the summer.

What's expected of me in a Life Group?

Most things worthwhile take a commitment, and being in a Life Group is no different. Commitment is key to a strong group, so we ask that you attend as many meetings as possible. We also ask that you come prepared to participate by reviewing the "homework" for the group.

What is homework?

Simply put, homework is reading through the material for the group meeting and preparing yourself to get the most out of each meeting. This will usually only take 15-20 minutes.

Will I be asked to read or pray out loud?

You will not be asked to do anything you do not want to do. You may be encouraged to share and open up as others get to know you. Leaders are trained to respect the group members and the varoius personalities and gifts amongst the group.

What will we study?

Most of the studies are based on the previous Sunday’s message. These “sermon-based” Life Groups are built on what we call a “Lecture-Lab” model.

Imagine the Sunday message as a lecture on Christian living, and the Life Group as a lab where you get to roll up your sleeves and discuss how that message works in real life. Each week there will be a series of Bible passages and questions provided for the Life Group meetings to use.

Where can I find the Life Group homework, sermon outlines, and sermon videos?

They are available on our website. Scroll down on the home page and click "Groups & Sermon Resources". They are also available in our Events section in the YouVersion Bible app.

Is there childcare?

We have tried to design our groups where childcare should be available for those that need it. We've designated Sunday mornings, as well as Monday and Wednesday nights for groups that need childcare to meet.

Childcare resgistration is part of the group sign-up forms for the groups meeting on those days and times.

How do I find a group?

Finding the right fit is vital to the process. Crestview staff and volunteers will be available to help you along the way. It starts by filling out the GROUP CONNECT form here:

How do I sign up for a Life Group?

A few weeks before each Life Group session begins there are three ways to sign up for a group – online, at Group Connect during Sunday services, or by calling the church office at 432-681-8200. During Sunday services, Life Group staff members and volunteers are available at the Group Connect sign-up booths to help you find a group and answer any questions. There are Group Connect Sundays before the beginning of our Fall Session in September, the Winter Session in January, as well as the Spring Session in March.