Facilities Use

It is our intention that the church facilities for Crestview Baptist Church be used to support our purpose of “helping people experience life change through Jesus Christ.” Crestview has been blessed with facilities to serve its members and our community.  Policies have been put in place to help manage and maintain our facilities in order to provide ongoing support to our members and our community. 

The cost of room fees are dependent on the room and the amount of time.  A deposit must be made before the event is scheduled, and full payment must be received 1 week prior to date of the event or it will be cancelled.

All facilities users agree to abide by the Crestview Facilities Management Agreement found here.

Calendar Request - Fill out this form if you would like to request the use of our facilities. While exceptions may occur, the request should be submitted at least one month prior to the requested date. All requests will be reviewed by the staff before approval.

A/V Request - This form is for audio and visual needs only. All requests will be reviewed by the staff before approval.

Request Change - Fill out this form to update us on any changes that have been made to your event that will impact the use of our facilities. We will need at least 3 business days’ notice to accommodate any changes for events on weekdays and 5 business days’ notice for events on weekends.

For all wedding and funeral arrangements, please contact Karen Casto at: 432-681-8208 or karencasto@cbctx.org.



If you have questions about the use of our facilities or the status of your event, please call the church office at: 432-681-8200 or email us at: cbc@cbctx.org.