Adult Groups at Crestview!

At Crestview, each one of these groups will help you experience growth in three amazing ways:

  1.  Interacting together with God's truth in the Bible!
  2.  Experiencing fun and meaningful community with a group of people!
  3.  Engaging our community by serving together!

When and where do they meet?

Most LCGs meet on campus weekly and get together socially and to serve at different times each month..  Sunday morning groups meet at 8:30a.m., 10:00a.m. or 11:30a.m.  Others meet at various times during the week.  We have different types of groups based on stage of life and teaching style.

How do I get started?

We encourage you to visit any Sunday morning group, or if you like text "group" to 432.219.2292 and fill out the short form and we'll get back with you on groups that match your comments as much as possible.

Click on the link below to view all groups:

Sunday Morning Life Change Groups

Weekday Life Change Groups


For more information about Adult groups contact