What to Expect


5 Before

Arrive early, check in your children and enjoy coffee and refreshments in our cafe area. 5 minutes before Crestview Worship Live begins, join us inside the auditorium for campus news, fun and laughter. Feel free to bring in your coffee. 


We believe music to be an important aspect of worship. We dedicate a portion of our time together to singing about, to and for God and His Son, Jesus in a modern way. Our hope is that you will participate with us as you feel comfortable.


We believe that God's Word, the Bible is worth of hearing, reading and applying. Our hope is that through a message from our Pastor, you will be challenged and inspired to take a next step in your journey as you are finding and seeking Christ. 

As You Leave 

When you feel ready, take a moment and stop by the Crestview Information Center in the commons. We are here to answer your questions and to help you with your next steps.