12 Ways to “Provoke the 1 Peter 3:15 Question” at Work

1. Lead the way in organizing others to help co-workers in need.
2. Invite co-workers into service projects you are already involved in through
    your church or company.
3. Tastefully display scripture in your office (especially any verses you are
    memorizing). People will ask about it.
4. Offer to pray on the spot for someone who tells you they are going through
    a tough time.
5. Make an effort to know the names of co-workers/clients, along with their
   families. Make a Prayer List.
6. Make every effort to avoid gossip in the office. Be a voice of thanksgiving,
    not complaining.
7. Make a list of your co-worker’s/client’s birthdays or anniversaries and send
    a note of encouragement on that day. If appropriate, ask: “What is one
    thing I can be praying for you this year?”
8. Start a Bible Study at work.
9. Bring breakfast once a month for everyone in your department.
10. Instead of eating alone, intentionally eat with other co-workers and learn
      their story.
11. Get to work early so you can spend some time praying for your co-workers
      and the day ahead.
12. Be the first person to welcome new people to the office/team.

This list was compiled with the help of various on-line sources:
vergenetwork.org, 9marks.com, christianitytoday.com